Write a empirically-supported research paper on hate crimes.

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This literature review examines a selection of empirical research on anti-Muslim hate crimes (AMHCs) in the United States. First, the statistics on the frequency of AMHCs over the last 10-15 years is discussed critically, with the influence of 9/11 necessarily pivotal. Then, structural and geographic determinants of AMHCs are presented, followed by factors thought to promote or mitigate these crimes. As will quickly become clear from the critical discussion of statistics on AMHCs, there is little solid ground on which to stand in analyzing the incidence of these hate crimes, due to a variety of factors which confound data-gathering and analysis. The thesis driving this literature review is that, from an empirical criminal justice perspective, the complex and complicated status of statistics on AMHCs in fact points to the nature of these crimes as irreducible to any discrete or limited set of inciting incidents or issues. In turn, AMHCs likely require complex, multi-front responses, if such hate crimes are to be mitigated and prevented. The importance of understanding...

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