Critique one article related to your research question. The critique is an individual assignment.
See, R.E., Fuchs, R.A., Ledford, C.C., &McLaughlin, J. (2003). Drug addiction, relapse, and the amygdala. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, (985), 294-307.

In a narrative format, please identify the following:
1.The title of the article
2.The research question
3.The problem statement (no more than 2 lines)
4.The purpose of the study (no more than 2 lines)
5.The participants of the study
6.The methodology used in the study
7.The instrument used
8.The result (no more than 3 lines)
9.Identify at least one limitation of the study
10.Identify at least one recommendation of the study
11.Summarize the study (no more thank 3 lines)

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The critique of the selected journal article
The group of authors form Department of physiology and neuroscience, medical university of South Carolina published an article about their findings about the role of amygdala in cocaine and heroin reinstatement in drug-seeking behavior entitled ``Drug addiction, relapse and the amygdala`` (See, Fuchs, Ledford, &McLaughlin, 2003).
The authors of the study had several research questions: 1) What is the role of basolateral amygdala (BLA) complex in mediating condition-cued reinstatement of drug-seeking behavior after cocaine and heroin self-administration in rats? 2) What is the role of BLA in acquisition and expression in condition-cued reinstatement? 3) What specific neurotransmitters are involved in regulation of condition-cued reinstatement in BLA? What is the role of cholinergic inputs to BLA in condition-cued model of addiction?
Conditioned stimuli play a critical role in drug relapse. The amygdala is important for associative learning process....

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