Summarize the five articles separately. Use APA style (6th edition) - please cite all sources and use only the five attached articles.
- Mental Health of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Adolescents: What the Students Say by P. Margaret Brown and Andrew Cornes
- The Nature of Victimization among Youths With Hearing Loss in Substance abuse Treatment
- Perspectives of People Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearingon Mental Health, Recovery, and Peer Support by Linda Cabral, Kathy Muhr and Judith Savageau
- Mental health of deaf people by Johannes Fellinger, Daniel Holzinger, Robert Pollard
- Parenting Stress Among Parents of Deaf and Hearing Children: Associations with Language Delays and Behavior Problem, Parenting Stress in Deaf Children Quittner et al.Alexandra L. Quittner, David H. Barker, Ivette Cruz, Carolyn Snell, Mary E. Grimley, Melissa Botteri, and the CDaCI Investigative Team.

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The research article, “Mental Health of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Adolescents: What the Students Say” was conducted in different geographical locations in Australia. The intention of the article’s research was to identify the chances under which the DHH students established increased chances of suffering from different mental conditions compared to their hearing peers. The research clarifies the problem of the study by choosing its study samples from the deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) population. Further, the sample frame contains 89 participants who are exposed to different tasks, and such an approach elevates the ability of the researchers in defining and supporting their argument throughout the study (Cornes & Brown, 2015).
The study’s literature is a recapitulation of the existing and undefined challenges befalling the DHH population in the country. The article of the study clarifies the subject of research; hence, the incisive research process exposes the researchers’ involvement in establishing dependable results and recommendations. It is arguable that the results of the study are based from the outcome of the study samples from Western Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania regions of the country (p. 76). The study’s theses implements that the research process is experimental and unbiased; thus, the conclusions reveal the vulnerability of the DHH adolescents to mental health related ailments.
The research included 89 participants from three different locations. Since the participants were exposed to two distinct experiments, for example, the Austrian Sign Language (AUSLAN) and a written one, it is arguable that the researchers undertook the ideal measures to ensure that the method would lead to the acquisition of independent results. The use of the “binary logistic analysis” approach enhanced the research’s accuracy in accumulating independent data from the study sample. The experimental and summative approaches of presenting the results of the participants after the tests related to the YSR (Youth Self Report) is an indication that the scholars undertook the study to establish independent results rather than...

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