1) Choose one artist or designer form the October Good Bets list for Artsbus. Look for the "Best Bets PDF Download", and choose one artist or designer from the list I am attaching to this email.

2) Find at least one interview with, or review, or article about each of the artists or designers you have chosen.

3) There will be references to the artists and designers influences, inspirations and other contextual information about them and their work. Make a list of the things you encounter in the writings that you are unfamiliar with, or have little knowledge of. Research at least three things on your list, or pick one thing and research that topic on three levels. Document your work by printing the first page of an article, review or interview, and either cite (tell me the source) or print the first page of your research.

4) Choose one and the areas of research you have done, and find three more related areas to the topic. Write a two page, double spaced paper that discusses your research and how it relates to the artist/designers work.

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Hermetic Lyricism and DIY Asceticism

As I suppose happens with most fortunate self-introductions to art, my stumbling into the conceptual and cultural space shared by Mary Mattingly and Anish Kapoor was accidental, pure serendipity. It was only after I had chosen Kapoor to be the second half of this couple did I notice that Kapoor was mentioned in Mattingly’s Artsbus billing. I found this curious, to say the least, because, at least at the first blush of my surveys of Mattingly’s and Kapoor’s cultural presence, that they shared much conceptual and cultural space was—and...

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