Set up a simple statistical study of your own, comparing either the means of 2 different populations, or proportions of 2 different populations.

For example, you could take a small sample to test whether or not men are taller than women. Alternately, you could test whether or not there is a difference in the proportion of people who drink Starbucks in your program vs another program. Feel free to be creative!

You should introduce your study by describing what you are trying to test and how you went about your study. Also indicate any bias that may have affected your experiment. Include all of your data, including mean, median, mode, Q1, Q3, variance and a histogram.
Perform the hypothesis test and calculate relative risk or odds ratio, depending on what kind of study you do. Be sure to indicate the significance level and power of the test.

Include a meaningful conclusion (what can you conclude from this study?)

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I decided to design a study that will analyze the data I’ve collected data from two, busy, nearby intersections. I observed and recorded this information with an iPhone application which stores up to 10 different values and automatically rounds all speeds to one decimal point (to require less RAM); in addition, I also recorded any accidents that occurred. For this facet of the experiment, I chose to classify accidents in a binary manner (i.e. either an accident of any severity or no accident). The purpose of this study is to determine which intersection is more “dangerous”? I believe that, for experiments sake, mean vehicle speed and accident frequency are fair identifier variables for the safety of an intersection. I collected data from drivers heading southbound on Main Street and drivers heading eastbound through on First Avenue. The practical implications for this type of study could lead to new, innovative safety improvements for the more dangerous road – such as: adding more stop signs, installing a new traffic light, or posting a police officer, to influence drivers....
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