Complete Problem 10.29 Page 481 using the six step process.
Problem Definition: Determine whether or not the average score for after the MCAT review service is greater than the average before scores. Alpha is .05
Student 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Before 26 21 20 31 18 33 25 23 30
After 28 26 17 34 20 31 26 22 32
Utilize the critical value technique, the confidence interval and the p-value in your conclusion.
Revised for Minitab 17 Summer 2015
Add a section labeled Assumption in which you will place your boxplot. Below the boxplot discuss how you know whether or not normality may be assumed.

Test of two proportions Summarized Data:
Use the six step process to determine if the proportions are equal.
The Problem: a human resources director decided to investigate employee perceptions of the fairness of two performance evaluation methods. To test for the differences between the two methods, 160 employees were randomly assigned to be evaluated by one of the two methods.
Following the evaluations employees were asked as to whether they felt the methods were fair.
Alpha: 0.05
Evaluation Method 1 Evaluation Method 2
x=63 x =49
n=78 n=82
Test to determine if there is any significant difference the perception of employees regarding fairness between the two techniques.
See the note below about satisfying that the samples are normally distributed.
Revised for Minitab 17 Summer 2015
Assumptions: You will need to satisfy that the normal distribution may be used to approximate binomial distribution.
Satisfying assumption the binomial may be approximated by normal.
Using the equation below for both samples compute the answers and type them neatly on your work after the interpretation.
np≥5 and n(1-p) ≥5 for both samples.

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