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Q1. Match each of the following descriptions to explain the relationship shown in the scatter plot. Note that each description is used only once. 1. Positive weak, linear relationship 2. Positive, strong, linear relationship 3. No relationship, r = 0 4. Nonlinear relationship 5. Negative, moderate, linear relationship 6. Negative, strong, linear relationship Diagram A _____ Diagram B _____ Diagram C _____ Diagram D _____ Diagram E _____ Diagram F _____ Q2. Use the following correlation coefficient matrix to answer parts (a) through (c): Diabetes BMI > 25 Age > 65 years Living alone Below poverty Line Female Diabetes 0.63 -0.13 0.34 0.73 0.51 BMI >25 -0.84 -0.04 0.79 0.43 Age > 65 years 0.15 -0.33 -.05 Living alone 0.31 0.25 Below poverty line 0.51 Female a. Which two variables have the weakest correlation between them (regardless of whether the relationship is positive/negative)? ___________________________________________________________________________ b. Which two variables have the strongest correlation between them (regardless of whether the relationship is positive/negative)? ___________________________________________________________________________ c. For each of the following pairs of variable, specify  r, the correlation coefficient between each pair of variables  the direction of the correlation  the strength of the linear relationship according to Cohen’s scale 1) Living Alone and Below Poverty Line ________________________________________________________________ 2) Age > 65 Years and Female ________________________________________________________________ 3) BMI > 25 and Diabetes ________________________________________________________________ Q3. Which type of reliability is illustrated by the scenarios in (a) through (c)? Choose from among the following: test-retest alternate forms split half inter-rater a) An instrument developer administers a 20-item multiple choice test (with each item having 4 answer options) to a single group of examinees. Scores on the even numbered questions are correlated with scores on the odd numbered questions. _____________________ b) A test developer creates 40 questions to address a provider’s confidence in supporting patients’ alcohol reduction. The questions are then randomly divided into 2 questionnaires of 20 questions each, and both questionnaires are given to 50 providers. The correlation between scores on the two questionnaires is then computed. _____________________ c) To examine the reliability of an anxiety instrument, it is administered twice to the same group of subjects, 6 months apart. _____________________ Q4. For each of the following, determine which type of validity is being assessed regarding a knowledge scale for nurses concerning support for their patients' smoking cessation. Content validity Criterion validity Construct validity a) The correlation of scores on this knowledge scale with another well accepted knowledge scale to support patients' smoking cessation is assessed. ___________________ b) A group of experts examined the knowledge scale to be certain that it covered all aspects of the knowledge that nurses are expected to have about smoking cessation. ___________________ c) Past research has indicated that knowledge to support patients' smoking cessation differs for nurses working less than 10 years and those working 10 years or more. A determination was made of whether scores on a new knowledge scale to support patients' smoking cessation were lower for nurses working less than 10 years than for nurses working 10 years or more. ___________________ Q5. The figure above represents the ratings of two examiners for 40 subjects regarding an assignment scored from 4 to 8. Which of the following could represent the Pearson’s r between the two examiners? (a) -.876 (b) -.389 (c) .005 (d) .233 (e) .931 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5

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