1. In a bell-shaped distribution changing ___________ can make the distribution flatter (i. e. more compressed); and changing ___________ can shift the distribution to the left or to the right.

The variable amount of money is measured on what type of scale:





2. A prospective graduate student may be interested in class size at the university s/he will attended. Data on how many students were in last years incoming class is an example of

Mean statistic

Descriptive statistic

Inferential statistic

Median statistic

3. A normal or bell shaped distribution has its greatest probability density in the middle



4. As the sample size increases, we can tell:

The sample distribution of the mean be come increasingly skewed

The sample distribution of the means is approaches normality

The sample distribution of the mean become less predictable

The sample distribution of the mean is approaching the distribution of the population

5. Which of the following are measures of variability? Select all that apply

A liner transformation


Standard deviation



6. Which of the following measures of central tendency?






7. Low- density lipoprotein (ldl) is an important part of blood cholesterol test. Ldl higher than 130mg/dl is a risk factor of developing cardiovascular diseas. To prevent cardiovascular diseas, a health center had a free blood cholesterol test for all the people older 65 in the community. A total of eight people attended the blood screening and their blood test result are listed below:

Ldl/dl: 130, 143, 114, 110, 123, 110, 134, 124.

What is the mean and the mode?

A mean = 123.5 and mode = 110

Mean= 132.5 and mode 114

Mean = 232.5 and mode = 114

Mean = 132.5 and mode 143

8. A continuous variable is:

One that can only take on a finite number of values
One that can take on any value in certain range

9. Which of the following could reduce the rate of type I error?

Changing alpha from 0.01 to 0.05

Increase beta

Increase power

Changing alpha from 0.05 to 0.01

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1. Variance, Mean

2. Ratio

3. Descriptive statistic

4. True...

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