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Question 1: Test of hypothesis about population mean (8 points) Current technology uses high resolution x-rays and lasers for inspection of solder-joint defects on printed board circuits. A manufacturer of laser inspection claims that its equipment is able to inspect at least 10 solder-joints per second. The equipment was tested on sample of 48 printed board circuits and the number of solder-joints inspected per second is described in table. Please conduct a hypothesis test of the manufacturer’s claim using alpha=0.05. Please write the hypothesis, test statistics, rejection region, and conclusion. 10 9 10 10 11 9 12 8 8 9 6 10 7 10 11 9 9 13 9 10 11 10 12 8 9 9 9 7 12 6 9 10 10 8 7 9 11 12 10 0 10 11 12 9 7 9 9 10 Question 2: Test of hypothesis about population mean and confidence interval (16 points) a)(8 points) A car manufacturer is interested to test a new engine to determine whether it meets air environmental pollution standards which require that the mean emission be less than 20 parts of carbon. Ten engines are selected and their level of emission is described in table. Please conduct hypothesis testing whether the data provides sufficient evidence for manufacturer to conclude that the engine meets the pollution standard with alpha=0.01 b) (8 points) Please construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean emission level and write in English its interpretation. 15.6 16.2 22.5 20.5 16.4 19.4 19.6 17.9 12.7 14.9 Page 4 of 8 Question 3: Estimation of population proportion (16 points) a)(8 points) A food-products company conducted a market survey by randomly samplingand interviewing 1000 consumers to determine which brand of breakfast cereal theyprefer. Suppose 313 consumers were found to prefer the company’s brand. Please find a95% confidence interval for the proportion of all consumers who prefer the company’sbrand and interpret the interval in English. b)(8 points) A cellular telephone manufacturer that entered the post-regulation market tooquickly with new smart-phone design has excessive customer complaints about failuresand consequently requests for replacement. How many cellular phones should themanufacturer randomly select from warehouse if it wants to be conservative in itsestimation of defects fraction (use p=0.5), to within .01 with 90% confidence? Question 5: Analysis of contingency tables (10 points) Business travel news, reported its annual survey. A total of 277 travel professionals, 103 males and 174 females, participated. One question asked for the traveler’s opinion on the fairness of salary. The table gives breakdown of the responses in each category by gender. Please conduct hypothesis test using alpha=0.01 to investigate whether opinion about fairness of salary depends on gender. Please write hypotheses, test statistics, decision rule and conclusion. Males Females Salary too low 29 89 Equitable/fair 58 64 Paid well 16 21 totals 103 174

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