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1. On average, the running timeo of children's movies follow normal distribution with meano 195 minutes, with a standard deviation of minutes You check out children's movie from RedBox, randomly choser without reading the running time the description, keep you kids entertained you canstudy Assume your children will keep focused nthe movie, for the entire length of the movie a) Whati the probability that the movie you chose will run for at least the Shours you need tr study? b) What is the probability that the movie will run between 7 minutes minutes? c) Given that the movie runs more than 104 minutes, what the probability that it run less than S hours? d) Find the probability that the randomly thosen movie will exacti one hour What movie length times for the middle 40% children's movies? f) USING ONLY THE EMPIRICA RULES: find the probability that movie runs between 83 and 119 minutes. 2. Purdue's undergraduate admission rate 57% (This means that 57% students who apply Purdue for indergraduate studies are offered admission.) Suppose that Purdue has 48,000 undergraduate student applicants for the 2017 2018 year Please answer the following questions: a) Let (bethe number ofundergraduate students that for 2017-18 What the distribution parameter(s) and support of b) What the that between are admitted? Write out the probability the formula you would use (but DO NOT SOLVE) c) Isthere method bi? State your reasoning (with values calculated)tosupg this. d) Usethat method find the between 26,000 and 28,000 inclusive) undergraduate students are admitted e) IFa student gets admitted there he/she will enroll Purdue What the expected size of the class enterin Purdue inFall 2017? 3. Using Figures and below answer the following a) State whether b) For each figure, deviation (Choose only yoneo the 4. Consumer Reports conducted extensive test on various nds/models elliptical trainers. The overall rating listed nthe table below based use, ergonomics, construction, and exercise range. Brand/Model Price Rating ($) Keys Fitness CG2 2500 84 LifeFitness X1 Basic 1900 74 Nordio Track Audio Strider 990 1000 Octane Fitness Q37e 2800 82 Schwinn43 800 69 Vision Fitness X6100 1700 68 Draw catterplot summarizing this data. Calculate mean of Price and the mean FRating What the variance of price? What the standard deviation o Rating? Calculate the covariance between price and Rating Calculate correlation between and Rating Hown of the variationin the Rating explained by the linear relationship with Price? h) Would the slope ofa regression line for Price and Rating tobe positive negative horizontal? Explain your reasoning 5. Ostudents took part ina spelling bee and their scores are listed inthe table below Spelling Bee Scores 11 47 54 62 66 69 73 82 50 64 67 70 59 64 68 70 78 88 44 61 65 68 71 81 91 44 52 61 65 69 72 81 96 a) Construct Stem and-Leaf plot of the data b) Determine the -Number summary Ethe above data c) What is the 73rd 'percentile Fthe above data? d) What is the Inter-Quartile Range DOR) Fthe data? e) Identify any outliers inthe data set. Show how you determined this with calculations. f) Construct Modified Box Plotof the above data. 6. efollowing table shows thedata takenfrom apolltat asked for marital status and aee category ofrespondents. Answer the questions below Marital Status Single/ Married Widowed Divorced Separated Never Married Age Category under 194 25to 34 263 35to 44 45 to 54 55to 64 197 a) What percent of those polled were divorced andir category? Is this ajoint conditional or marginal probability? b) What percent were age 34 or younger? Isthisajoint conditional, marginal probability? c) those whowere single/never married, what percent were 45 or older? Is this: joint, conditional or marginal robability? d) What percent were separ atedor divorced? Isthis joint, margina probability? What the expected count of those f) Writeout the null for Besure towrite these in the context tofthe problem. g) What arethe degrees for Chi -Square h) Using aloha= 0.01 what isthe critical value? i) The value calculated statistic for this State the condusion of this test in the context of the problem. 7. Ten used Hondas between in Carmel Indiana The age in years (x) and the fit is 29160 194 a) Whati the slope the regression line? What does this fthestory? b) Whati the predicted predicted elling price for a Honda that years Arethe d) What is correlation weak or moderate? e) The actual selling price the residual for thi car - years, how g) How much ofvariation the explained bythe linear relationship with age & Givent the following scenario. identify the appropriate Wewant to understand the distribution of the returns of the 3,580stocks listedonthe NYSE. b) We want investigate currently taking STAT 225 We want understand nelectricity usage from 1965 o 2015. d) We want to and the recession (the galaxies. e) Acompany wants to compare the number 9. For the following questions a-f. choose the may used once more than once, or not at all. Nome Above

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