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NEWS customers require a delivery tilme of 30 days at thair door from the date that the order was received NEWS has provided data of their last 50 shipments: Duration= Belhery Date at the Deer Date Onder was Received Question 1: Using the data given bolow, complote Task 1 and provide a very general description of whother or not you belleve NEWS is effectively satislying that austomer's desired date ANSWER Cosstion 2: Using the data given balow, complese Task 2 and provido statistical description of how the results relato to the customer's requirements NOTE: A statistically significant answer to the question requires a hypothests tost using inforontial statisits, which is notrequired ANSWER Order Duration (Calendar Days) 1 2 Task 1: 3 Stop 1: Select the tool bar above and them the DATA ANAYSIS TOOL loom on the far right. 4 Stop 2- SalectHISTOGRAM and in the Imput Rango, highilght the column of DURATION (Calendar Days) 5 Stop 3: Leave the Bin Blank (Excel will detormine this for you) in "Now Workshoot Ply" type Histogram Blas B Stop 4: Excel a now Workshoot namodHistogram Bins with count of cach data point per Bin. 7 Stop 5c in Bin highilght the data and then solect the Quick Analysisicom. B Stop Clustered Vertical Bars and than repeat and solect Lines. 9 34 Stop 7: The first provides a Histogram the a Frequancy Plot. 10 37 Race the Hishogram and Frequercy Piot siclel by aide belze the 11 12 24 13 14 15 18 17 18 19 20 21 22 38 37 38 above and them the DATA ANAYSIS TOOL loom on the far right. Stop 2- Select STATISTICS and in the Imput Range, highilight the column of DURATION (Calendar Days). Grouped by Columns. 40 Stop 3: in "Now Worksheet Ply" type Descriptive Statistics and Excel croates a now Workshoet containing the calculations 41 Stop 4: Check the bex SUBIMARY STATISTICS Open the new workshoet andobsone: llean, Modian, and Standard Doviation 42 43 MEAN: 44 45 MEDIAN 48 47 STD DEV: 48 50 22

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