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1. Vince Yosarian works for the Bureau of Forms. His manager has reprimanded Vince because she feels that he has not performed upto standard for processing forms at the bureau, the crucial part of the job. At the bureau, the number of forms processed by employees is normally distributed, with a mean of 67 forms per employee per day and a standard deviation of 7. His manager has calculated that Vince's average rate is 50 forms processed per day. What percentage of employees at the bureau process fewer forms than Vince? What percentage of employees at the bureau process more forms than Vince? Does the manager's complaint seem justified or not? 2. According to records kept by Mariposa County, the average (mean) amount of time that it takes for employees to be reimbursed for professional expenses incurred in service to the county is 36 days, with a standard deviation of 5 days. The distribution is normal. About 2 months ago, Latisha MacNeil attended a training conference for her job in the County Recreation Department. She filed for reimbursement of expenses that she incurred at the conference 42 days ago, but she has not received payment. What is the probability of receiving reimbursement within 42 days of filing? After 42 days? At this point, should Ms. MacNeil be apprehensive about receiving reimbursement? 3. George Fastrack, head of the Bureau of Obfuscation's United Way drive, wants to know the average United Way pledge among Obfuscation Bureau employees (pledges are normally distributed). George takes a sample of 10 and gets the results shown in the accompanying table. What is George's best estimate of the mean donation? What is George's best estimate of the standard deviation of the donations? Between what two values can George be 95% sure the mean value lies? Person Pledge 1 $ 25 2 3 35 4 100 5 6 7 15 8 50 9 25 10 50

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