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1) Weights of school children are modeled Analysis of Variance as function of their heights and age. The Sum of Mean multiple regression model fitted to this Source DF Squares Square F Value Pr F data generated the adjacent output. Model 2 22432 11216 77.21 <.0001 Error 108 15689 145.26700 a) What is the proposed model (in Corrected Total 110 38121 terms of a and B) and assumptions needed to fit this Root MSE 12.05268 R-Square 0.5884 regression model? Dependent Mean 98.87838 Adj R-Sq 0.5808 b) State hypothesis and test Coeff Var 12.18939 whether the model is a good fit using the output? Which Parameter Estimates parameter estimates are Parameter Standard significant? Variable DF Estimate Error Value Pr |t| c) Interpret the R-Square for the fit. Intercept 1 -150.59698 20.76730 -7.25 <.0001 d) Interpret the parameter estimate height 1 3.60378 0.40777 8.84 <.0001 value for height in the model. age 1 1.90703 0.75543 2.52 0.0130 e) What is the fitted regression model?

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