I. A statement of all null and alternative hypothesis
II. A statement of test statistics
III. A statement of the rejection rule
IIII. The conclusion of the test.
1. A drug company is conducting a clinical trial to determine if a heart attack reduction drug has different effects on Men and Women. They conduct a 20 year study of male and female users of this drug. The samples are randomly selected. In this sample 1=did not have a heart attack and 2= had a heart attack. At the 10% level does it appear that the drug is more effective for men than women?
2. A cable and internet service provider is evaluating the quality of it customer service. Data on customer wait times on the telephone is collected from random samples of cable and internet subscribers. At the 1% level, is there evidence of greater variability in wait times for cable customers?
3. A test preparation company would like to know if its four different programs are equally effective. The scores of randomly selected individuals that used each program are shown on tab 3. Test this hypothesis at the 0.5% level.
4. Car and Driver magazine would like to see if there is a difference in the fuel efficiency for different gasoline grades. Seven randomly selected drivers test the fuel efficiency in cross country trips. Information on miles per gallon for each driver with each fuel grade is shown on tab 4. At the 5% level is there evidence of a difference in miles per gallon by fuel grade? Also test if there is a difference in miles per gallon due to the blocking variable at the 5% level.

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