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1-11.) Are t-tests or Z-tests used more often in business research? Why?

2-12.) A manufacturer of disposable washcloths/wipes told a retailer that sales for this product category closely correlated with sales of disposable diapers. The retailer thought he would check this out for his own sales-forecasting purposes. The researcher says, "Disposable washcloths/wipes sales can be predicted with knowledge of disposable diaper sales." Is this the right thing to say?

3-13.) A researcher uses multiple regression to predict a client's sales volume based on gross domestic product, personal income, disposable personal income, unemployment, and the consumer price index. What problems might be anticipated with this multiple regression model?

4-14.) What rules should be followed when preparing slides for computer-generated presentations?

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1-11.) Are t-tests or Z-tests used more often in business research? Why?

Both t-tests and Z-tests are testing the population mean for one sample or two sample, but t-tests are more often use in business research as compare to Z-tests because t-tests are more robust for small sample size and whenever the population standard deviation is unknown. Z-tests are used when the sample size is at least 30 with known population standard deviation but in real cases or in business research, sample size is sometime is smaller than 30 as well as the population standard deviation is usually unknown in these cases, so we can use t-tests to tackle these situations which are very general in business research, so we can conclude that t-tests are used more often in business research. T-tests can be used to test the population mean whenever the sample size is smaller than 30 and population standard deviation is not known. T test is also used in case of paired sample data and there is no associated Z-test in this case which is a advantage of t-tests. There are t-tests which are used to test the correlation coefficients as well as the regression slope and interceptor. So, the scope of t-tests is wider compare to Z-tests. There is no doubt is saying that t-tests are widely used in business research....

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