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4.1 Floral Quilt The research for Floral Quilt is an example of a commercial test that was conducted when an advertising campaign for an established brand had run its course. The revised campaign, “Fighting the Cold,” emphasized that Floral Quilt was an “extra-warm quilt”; previous research had demonstrated that extra warmth was an important and deliverable product quality. The commercial test was requested to measure the campaign’s ability to generate purchase interest. The marketing department had recommended this revised advertising campaign and was now anxious to know how effectively this commercial would perform. The test concluded that “Fighting the Cold” was a persuasive commercial. It also demonstrated that the new campaign would have greater appeal to specific market segments. Method Brand choices for the same individuals were obtained before and after viewing the commercial. The commercial was tested in 30-second, color-moving, storyboard form in a theater test. Invited viewers were shown programming with commercial inserts. Qualified respondents were women who had bought quilts in outlets that carried Floral. The results are shown in Table 1-4. Table 1 Shifts in Brand Choice before and after Showing of Floral Quilt Commercial Question: We are going to give away a sample of fabric softener. You can select the brand you most prefer. Which brand would you choose? Brand Choice before Commercial Brand Choice after Commercial (%) Floral Quilt (n=23) Other Brand (n=237) Floral Quilt 78 19 Other Brand 22 81 Table 2 Pre/Post Increment in Choice of Floral Quilt Improvement in score based on exposure to commercial. Demographic Group “Fighting the Cold” Norm: All Quilt Commercials Base Score Average Range Total audience (260) +15 +10 6-19 By marital status Married (130) +17 Not Married (130) +12 By age Under 35 (130) +14 35 and over (130) +15 By employment status Not employed (90) +13 Employed (170) +18 Page 2 of 3 Table 3 Adjective Checklist for Floral Quilt Commercial Question: Which of these words do you feel come closest to describing the commercial you’ve just seen? (Check all that apply.) Adjective “Fighting the Cold” (%) Norm: All Quilt Commercials (%) Positive Appealing 19 23 Clever 5 24 Convincing 18 24 Effective 11 40 Entertaining 20 14 Fast moving 12 21 Genuine 7 4 Imaginative 7 21 Informative 24 18 Interesting 13 17 Original 7 20 Realistic 8 3 Unusual 3 8 Negative Amateurish 9 11 Bad Taste 4 4 Dull 33 20 Repetitious 17 16 Silly 8 19 Slow 8 7 Unbelievable 3 5 Unclear 3 2 Unimportant 14 14 Uninteresting 32 19 Table 4 Product Attribute Checklist for Floral Quilt Question: Which of the following statement do you feel apply to Floral Quilt? (Mark as many or as few as you feel apply) Attributes “Fighting the Cold) (%) Extra warm 56 Lightweight 48 Pretty designs 45 Durable fabrics 28 Nice fabrics 27 Good construction 27 Question Interpret the data in these tables. What recommendations and conclusions would you offer to Floral Quilt management? Page 3 of 3 4.2 Premier Motorcars Premier Motorcars is the new Fiat dealer in Delavan, Illinois. Premier Motorcars has been regularly advertising in its local markets area that the new Fiat 500 average 30 miles to a gallon of gas and mentions that this figure may vary with driving conditions. A local consumer group wishes to verify the advertising claim. To do so, it selects a sample of recent purchasers of Fiat 500. It asks them to drive their cars until two tanks of gasoline have been used up and to record the mileage. The group then calculates and records the miles per gallon for each year. The data in the following table portray the results of the tests. Table1. Miles per Gallon Information Purchaser Miles per Gallon Purchaser Miles per Gallon 1 30.9 13 27.0 2 24.5 14 26.7 3 31.2 15 31.0 4 28.7 16 23.5 5 35.1 17 29.4 6 29.0 18 26.3 7 28.8 19 27.5 8 23.1 20 28.2 9 31.0 21 28.4 10 30.2 22 29.1 11 28.4 23 21.9 12 29.3 24 30.9 Questions 1. Formulate a statistical hypothesis appropriate for the consumer group’s purpose. 2. Calculate the mean average miles per gallon. Compute the sample variance and sample standard deviation. 3. Construct the appropriate statistical test for your hypothesis, using a 0.05 significance level.

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4.1 Floral Quilt
Table 1
There are 78% who choose Floral Quilt before the commercial are still with Floral and 22% who were preferred other brands had choose Floral Quilt. 19% of the person who were chooses Floral Quilt before commercial goes to other brand after watching the commercial and 81% remain in Other Brand and before and after the commercial, we can say that we have 22-19 = 3% increment in the Choice before and after Showing of Floral Quilt Commercial.
Table 2
There is an improvement in the scores based on the exposure to commercial. The score improves by 15 points as compare to the score of 10 points with other quilt commercials. So 5 points score improvement is a good improvement. The married women are having 5 more points compared to unmarried women. By age we did not notice any big different in the scores. The employment status having highest points or scores for Employed women compare to not employed women and the sample size of employed is more so this score is very reliable. We can say that we should approach to married employed women which can help us to increase the sale of our product....

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