1. For each study identify the most likely population of interest, identify the operational definition of the behavior of interest, and identify the scale of measurement of the dependent variable.
a. College student participants are asked to play a virtual ball-tossing game a short time after they begin. The study tested the effects of social exclusion on the participants' mood. The researchers then ask the students to complete the survey in which they rated their mood on a 1 to 7 scale with higher numbers indicating a more positive mood.
b. To examine the effect of diet on cognitive abilities, researchers taught rats to navigate a maze to reach a food reward. Half of the rats in a study were fed a special diet, the other group of rats was fed a regular rat chow. The rats were then tested in the maze after being fed the diet for two weeks. The amount of time it took the rats to reach the food reward in the maze was measured. Rats on a high-sugar diet took longer to run the maze on average than the normal diet rats.
c. A study was conducted to examine the effects of violence on social behaviors in young children Five-year-olds were asked to play a superhero video game with mild violence (e.g. punching, throwing, etc.). Two researchers who were not aware of the purpose of the study observed the children's behavior at recess. The number of social behaviors seen (e.g., helping another child, playing cooperatively with another child, etc.) was recorded on a school day both before and after they played the video game.

2. Providing responses on a survey to make yourself look better is called
a. symmetrical bias
b. skewed bias
C. social desirability bias
d. ratio bias

3. In a research study on navigation, participants were asked to judge the distance of a landmark
in the environment from their current location. This dependent variable was measured on a(n)
measurement scale.
a. nominal
b. ordinal
C. interval
d. ratio

4. In a research study, you are asked to indicate your college major on a survey. This dependent variable was measured on a(n) _______________ measurement scale.
a. nominal
b. ordinal
C. interval
d. ratio

5.You are conducting a study evenly that distributed uses IQ tests. On these tests, the participants score an average of 100. All other scores are above and below this average. What type of distribution is this?
a. Skewed distribution
b. symmetrical distribution
c. Hypothetical distribution
d. Faulty distribution

6. ___________- scales typically involve numerical scores, whereas _________________ do not.
a. Interval, ratio
b. Ratio, nominal
C. Nominal, ordinal
d. Ordinal, nominal

7. Survey data are always accurate.
a. True
b. False

8. A frequency distribution graph can show you the shape of a distribution.
a. True
b. False

9. Systematic and controlled measures are more direct observations of behavior than the self-reports
collected on surveys.
a. True
b. False

10. Of the following choices, which are good operational definitions of anxiety?
a. Scores on an anxiety scale
b. Score on an exam
c. A general feeling of helplessness
d. Both (a) and (c)

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Q1 - A:
Population of interest: participants in a group game.
Operational definition of the behavior: effect of systematic exclusion from the game on the students mood as they self reported it.
Scale of the dependent variable: ordinal (mood rate).

Q1- B:
Population of...

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