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Suppose that due to the latest holiday trend, wait times at the checkout line at your local retailer are normally distributed with a mean of 23 minutes and st dev of 4.5 minutes. 1) If a randomly selected individual who will be waiting in the checkout line is chosen, what is the probability that they have a wait time under 21.4 minutes? 2) Find P(21.5 <=X <= 26.2). Then interpret that probability in the two different ways from the lesson. 3) Choose a value between 23 and 26 with two decimal places (such as 25.56) and place it in the blank spot below then perform the calculation. 24.45 What is the P(x < )? Suppose that previous surveys of adult Americans show that 35% of adult Americans own a pet. You are about to randomly sample n adult Americans to find their pet owner status. Pick your own value of n between 350 and 400 (not including those two values. Your choice of n= 380 4) Describe the sampling distribution of p. See the end of the exam for variables that might be relevant to copy and paste here if you are typing up your answers. 5) What is the probability that more than 40% of the sampled adults have a pet? Is this unusual? Why or why not?

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