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We put the numbers of these questions to make easy reading the solutions. Pictures of solutions are after questions in this file. QUESTIONS: 1. 12y - 3.16 23.6 2..4x-7.1-2.04 x 17 26 13 3. 4. 8 20 50 x Simplify the following: 5. (2.7x+9.3) + (3.21x-15.25) - 6. (15t -22) (8t-14) - 7. (2}r+6t) - 8. 5.5732 18.34 - 9. Evaluate 4ab + 2b2 if a - 1.4 and b - -2. Perform the operations indicated with the decimals provided: 10. 32.1 (-16.375) - 11.0.8735xx2.2- 12. .0279 (-.01) - 13.(2.7)(5.2)+.7+.35- Solve the following: 14. 15% of what number is 12.97 15. 16. If Mary makes 20 out of 24 free throws, how many would you expect her to make if she threw 36 free throws? Prove your answer. 17. If you deposit $4500 into an account that pays 6% simple interest, how much money will you have in the bank after 6 years? 18. One day the temperature in a city, is 32° at 6:00 A.M. It rises 15° by noon, but falls 50° by midnight when a cold front moves in. What is the final temperature? 2 19. A student's college tuition was $4200. A loan was obtained for of the tuition. For 3 how much was the loan? 20. A television that normally sells for $850 is discounted 20%. If you pay a 6% sales tax on the sale price, what is the total cost of the television? 21. Michael deposited $9000 at 4% compounded quarterly for 5 years. How much will be in the account at the end of the 5 years? How much interest did Michael receive? 22. A printer can print 300 pages in 35 seconds. How long will it take the printer to print 570 pages? [A] Susan filled her car's gas tank and noticed that the odometer read 18,943.2 miles. After her next fillup the odometer read 19,306.2 miles. If it took 13.2 gallons of gas to fill the tank, how many miles per gallon did Susan's car get? [B] Multiply (1-1) x (-5.2) [C] 47 is what percent of 60?

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22 Algebra Questions 22 Algebra Questions 22 Algebra Questions
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