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Fiscal Year (FY)2015 Projacted Budget (billions $ The Fiscal Year [FY] projected 2015 budget in aiveni n the spreadsheet broken down by Outloys Table S 5-5 Mondatory and Discretionary spendinel and Receipts [income]. Outlays (Expenditures) % of Sub-total %of Total Mandatory Social Security 896 a.) Compute the subrtotols and totals for both Outlays and Receipts. Medicare 526 Medicaid 336 Other 691 Sub-total: b.) Compute the percentage of the sub-total for each subrontegory as both decimalto places and Discretionary percentage to 1 place. Compute the percentage of the totalfor each category as bath decimalto places National Deferme 623 andpencentage place. Non Deferne 563 Sub-total: Interest 254 Sub-total: TOTAL: Receipts (Income): c.) In the Pie Chart Tables, enter simple formula in each sell that inka to each of the categaries and the Individual Income Tax 1.534 associated amount. So fithe first cotegory ni cell AS thenir cell G29 you would enter -AS Corporate Income Tax 449 Payroll' Tax 1.055 Excie Tax Other 298 Sub-total: d.) Create taro well-lobeled pie chorts. TOTAL: e.) Compute the annualaurplun/defeit. Pia Chart Table Outlays Caregory Billion:($) Social Security f.) Aasumingthe usir getting chorged 5% APR anour debt, compute the debt Medicare using the interest giveni the table. Medicaid Othe National Defenue Non Defense Interest Pia Chart Table Receipts Caregory Billion:($) In dividual Income Tax Co porate Income Tox Pawroll Tax Excie Tex Other Annual Surplun/Deficks billions Debt: billions 1 Am = 0,621371 miles The area covered by each of the Earth's oceans and by each of the continents is tiven Continents: Continent Total Area (square km) Total Area (squaremiles) Percentage of Land Asia 43.820.000 Europe 10.180.000 Africa 30.370.000 a.) Compute the total area covered by land. Convert the areas of continents and the NorthAmerica 24,490,000 total land areato square miles using the km to miles conversion, sivenon the sheet. South America 17.840.000 Compute the percentage each continent is of the totallandarea. Formal as Auseralia 9.008.500 percentage to place. Antarctica 13.720.000 Total Land: b.) Compute the total area covered byoceans. Convert the areas of oceans and the total ocean area to square miles using the km to miles conversion given on the sheet. Oceans Total Area(square km) Total Area (squaremiles) Percentage of Ocean Compute the percentage each continent is of the totallandarea. Format as Pacific 155.557.000 percentage to 1 place. Atlantic 76.762.000 Inclian 68.556.000 Southem 20.327.00 c.) Compute the total area of Earth inboth square klometers and square miles. Arctic 14.056.000 TotalOcean: Earth: d.) Compuie the percentage each cont inent and ocean is of the entire Earth, usire Pie Chart Table cellreierences in your formulas. Formak as percentage to place. Region Percentage Earth Asia Europe e.) Create welllabeled pie chariof thistable. Africa North America South America Australia Antarciica Padific Atlantic Indian Southern Arcic

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