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1. A random sample of 13 men and 19 women in a college class reported their grade point averages (GPAs). Here are histograms from the data: Summary statistics for these data are: 1) A woman in the class says that she believes that college women tend to have higher GPAs than do college men. Does this sample support her claim? Answer the questions in bold after reading the answer below. We want to know whether college women have higher GPAs than college men. Let mean GPA of college women = μW and mean GPA of college men = μM HO: μW - μM = 0 or the mean GPAs for college women and college men are equal. Ha : μW - μM > 0 or the mean GPA for college women is higher than the mean GPA for college men. t = 2.335 The sampling distribution model has 19.44 degrees of freedom, and the P-value is P= 0.0152. Answer the following questions: a. Interpret P value within the problem b. Do you reject or not reject null hypothesis? c. What is your conclusion for the problem? 2) We wish to create an interval that is likely to contain the true difference between the mean GPAs of college women and college men. The 95% confidence interval is: (3.330 - 2.898) ± 0.387 = (0.045, 0.819). Answer the following questions: a. What does the above confidence interval mean within the text b. What is your conclusion for the problem? Did you end up with the same conclusion as in c above?

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a. If the null hypothesis that mean GPA of male and female students are the same is true, the probability of observed different or larger difference between the mean CPA of male and female students is 1.52%.
b. You reject the null hypothesis at 5% but not 1%....

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