• Identify the dataset you have selected and provide a brief description of the independent and dependent variables in that dataset.
• Provide a brief (e.g., 2 paragraph) summary of the public health topic that relates to the variables within your selected dataset.
• Identify your “Statement of the Problem” (or research question). Be sure your statement or question makes mention of both the independent and dependent variables you are examining and that these variables are actually available in the dataset. (This will be important for later assignments when you complete statistical analysis.).
• Provide an Annotated bibliography which is to include:
o Sources: Four recent (less than 3 years old) primary peer-reviewed research articles that support the topic of your paper. Beyond the minimum four primary research articles, you may add additional, high-quality secondary literature (reviews or meta-analyses), and you may use websites if from a scholarly and relevant source (e.g. CDC, NCHS, etc.). Your sources must follow APA formatting.
o Annotation: For each research article, include a brief description of the study aim, the methods used, and the major findings. For each non research source, provide a concise description of the relevant key points addressed in the source. Include in the annotation a brief description of how you plan to use each source (e.g. provides statistics for the problem, etc.)

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Total cholesterol and BMI; Exploring Gender Differences in Louisa and Buckingham.
A body cholesterol subset will be chosen for this inquiry. Body measurements of weight, height and mass from 403 participants were taken and total Cholesterol levels taken from blood samples of participants in Louisa and Buckingham. The data set will be used to test the relationship between Body Mass Index (BMI) of an individual and total cholesterol level. In this data set total cholesterol will be treated as a dependent variable meanwhile weight will be an independent variable....

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