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Part 2 – Simple Linear Regression An organization wants to use interview scores to predict performance in an employee development program. Review the regression results in Figure 5 below: Figure 5. Summary output from a simple linear regression analysis produced by Excel. The results are organized in three tables - 1) regression statistics including the R squared, standard error, and number of observations, 2) ANOVA F-tests for the regression model and residuals, 3) and significance tests for the coefficients. For additional guidance regarding how to calculate simple linear regression analyses and interpret regression results in Excel, see the video located in your Week 6 course resources. ◦ Are the results significant? Explain your response. ◦ Use the summary output to find the least square regression line: y = ax + b ◦ Jeff Jones has an interview score of 3.4. Estimate the value of y (performance) when x = 3.4. Part 3 – Multiple Regression The organization wants to use a combination of interview scores (x1), scores from a role playing exercise (x2), and personality test scores (x3) to predict performance (y) in the employee development program. An I/O psychologist collected data on the 32 employees who have already participated in the program. The employee data are presented in Week 6 Data file. Open the file to the Employee Summary tab. 1 Run a multiple regression analysis in Excel (Note: See the video in the Week 6 course resources for information regarding how to run multiple regression in Excel) 2 Copy the summary output (Regression Statistics Table, ANOVA Table, and Coefficient Table) into a Word document. 3 Are the results significant? Explain your response. 4 Should all predictors be included in the least squares regression line? Should any predictors be excluded? Why or why not? 5 Use the summary output to find the least square regression line: y = ax1 + ax2 + ax3 +b 6 Estimate the y (performance) for the following two candidates (show your work): Interview Score Role Play Score Personality Test Score Laura 5 4 45 Gary 4 5 40 
7. Based on these results which candidate would you select into the employee development program? Length: 1-2 page results and summary Your results summary should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect graduate-level writing and APA standards.

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