Data Visualisation – Water main failure

Develop a data visualization interface for water main failures (burst or leaks) and any related unplanned water supply interruptions arising as a result of these failures over the last ten year period.

CWW contacts:
CWW Students Supervisor: Andrew Laszcz
Stakeholder(s): Asset Analytics Team

City West Water has approximately 5000km of water mains within its network which covers the CBD, out to the west to Caroline Springs and down south to as far as Little River.

With such a vast network failures do occur in the system with pipe bursting and leaking and at stages to repair these failures the water supply needs to be shut off to customers.
What we want to know and be presented is the following information in a format that is easily visualised and highlights:

-Location of failures by type (burst or leak)
- Failures resulting in water being shut off to customers
- Pipe type, construction date
-Month, Day, time
-Weather conditions and weather patterns

Data sources:
Maintenance data from CWW in MS Excel.
Weather conditions will need to be sourced by students from the BOM website

Preferred Technology:
No preferred technology. Students can use their preferred software to do the analysis.

Study outcomes:
The minimum viable product outcome from the project is
1. A data visualisation including an interactive map showing selected data based on filtering from the spreadsheet,
Additional outcome would include
2. Further graphics
3. Time-series displays

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

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Data Visualisation – Water main failure


I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my professor (), who took keen interest on our project work and guided us all along, till the completion of our project work by providing all the necessary information for developing a good dashboard report. He also helped me in doing a lot of Research and I came to know about so many new things I am really thankful to them.

I would also like to thank my parents and friends who helped me a lot in finalizing this project within the limited time frame.


Table of Contents
Disclaimer 1
Acknowledgement 2
Table of Contents 3
Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
Problem Statement 5
Data Preprocessing 6
Methods 7
Software and Tools: 7
Power BI: 7
Objectives 8
1. Ratio of Burst and Leak Event and relation with Water off events 8
2. Failure Events Across Region 11
3. Frequency of Failure events over the years 12
4. Failure & water off event across location and suburban regions 14
5. Water off events over the years 16
6. Is pipe diameter responsible for water off and failure events? 17
7. Is pipe material responsible for water off events? 20
8. Relationship of failure events with priority: 22
9. Failure Events and Temperature 27
Results 28
Conclusion and Discussion 28
References 30
Appendix 31

Executive Summary
As City West Water is responsible for maintaining and development of the water mains network which covers the CBD, out to the west to Caroline Springs and down south to as far as Little River. As this is a vast network covering thousand of Kilometer Area, this also faces challenges of maintaining such huge network. Challenges it faces day to day basis are failure of pipe attached to a network. This failure can be categorised into burst more severe to leak failure (comparatively having less impact). However, for both cases it needs to plan the supply of water to be shut off or not.

In this report the factors affecting the the failure of the pipe are analysed. Power BI desktop software is used to develop the dashboard of charts depicting the relationship among variables is developed. The description statistical analysis is performed to identify and analyze the patterns from the data.

Key findings from the analysis shows that there is increase in the number of burst events as compare to leak events over last 10 years, which in turn leads to more water off events. The other important factors influencing the failure rate are pipeline diameter, pipe material and priority of the asset. It is found that only few specific type of pipes are...
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