Research Project
For the second research project, you will use data from a survey that was conducted in South Sudan on former combatants of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). After exploring the data, you will develop a research question and two related hypotheses. You will then use the data to carry out statistical tests of your hypotheses. You should plan on doing one t-test and one chi-squared test, so keep that in mind when developing your hypotheses and choosing your variables.
Project Details
Your project should contain a few major parts,which are outlined below:
Give a brief introduction to your study. It should overview the topic, your research question, and your findings. Consider this a brief “road map” of what your paper includes.
Research Question and Hypotheses
a.Briefly describe the focus of your study and present your research question. For example, you could examine the impact of ethnic group on ex-combatant wellbeing.
b.Next, present your two hypotheses. Remember that you must use one t-test and one chi2 test, so plan your hypotheses accordingly. Please use the following formatting to present your hypotheses:
H1: In-school breakfast given to all children increases educational attainment.
c.Finally, give a brief explanation (theory) for why you expect each of your hypotheses to be supported.
a.Describe your data. What is the unit of analysis, how many observations are there, when was the survey taken?
b.Describe the specific variables that you will use. Describe them in words first (what are they measuring?).
c.Include a table of descriptive statistics that include the number of observations, mean, standard deviation, min, and maxof each variable. This should be a nice looking table.
Test your hypotheses!
For each test, do the following:
a.Explain in your own words what each test is doing.
b.Give the results of the test.These should be nice looking tables.
c.State the null hypothesis. Can you reject the null? Why or why not?
d.Interpret these results. What do they say about the relationship between your independent and dependent variables?
Conclude your study.
Include an appendix at the end of your project with the Excel commands/Stata commands used for the tests.

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In this study, I examined two different research questions. In the first part, I tried to explain that is there a significant relationship between satisfaction levels and security situation thoughts of former combatants of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. In the second part, the relationship between county’s wealth and gender was analyzed. Findings show that a) there is a significant relation among satisfaction and security. If security thoughts are good, satisfaction increases. b) There is a significant difference between females and males’ wealth proxies. Females have higher average and this difference is statistically significant.
Research questions
As it was mentioned above, the first research question is that the relationship between satisfaction levels and security situation thoughts. Does the security situation thoughts effect...

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