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QUESTION 1:Hydroxychloroquine has been applied to treat coronavirus. Patients are asked to rate the severity of their symptoms (out of 10) before and after treatment where conditions are kept identical before and after treatment The results are shown in the list below. Is there evidence to support the claim that the treatment reduces severity of symptoms (a =0.05)? Patient Patient 2 Patient Patient 4 Patient Severity before 8 5.5 6.9 7.3 5.8 Severity after 8.1 5.2 5.2 7.5 6.1 QUESTION 2: In question above, the drug company that makes Hydroxychloroquine is unhappy with the outcome. They ask you to perform an unequal variances test. What advice to do have for them before attempting this and why? QUESTION 3: Perform the hypothesis test requested in Question above at a =0.05? Question 4: The same drug company as mentioned in the 3 previous questions attempting to create measure of called variance, This variance combines the variance sample 1(5,21 and sample 2(s) where this variance defined as: 52²/6 unbiased estimator of the population variance? Show working Question 5: Anew Apple iphone produced such that the mass of the phone is normally distributed with mean of 220 grams and standard deviation of 25grams What the probability that single iphone's massi more than 250 grams? Question 6: Is the ANOVA fest always sided upper? Why/why not? Question 7:1 an experiment to investigate the performance of different suppliers of Formula 1 racing tires, five tires from each supplier were tested and the number of miles until failure recorded The partial ANOVA table shown fill it out and carry out the hypothesis test of Squares Mean Square Treatments Error 14,713.69 Total 310,500.76 Question 8: Xisa variable that represented by continuous uniform distribution over the interval 5)ie a. Mathematically state the Probability Density Function (PDF)ie. f(x). b. Determine the probability that Xis less than 3. c. Determine the standard deviation of X. d. Find the Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) of Xin its simplest form e. Determine F(2)

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