1 Where do two perpendicular lines intersect? A point a segment ...

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1 Where do two perpendicular lines intersect? A point a segment e ray D line 2 Which of these cylinders is about 25% full? - -- 12 efter The Hudson the cost of Hardwore lobor Company Serlis F $13.00 and metorials is G $16.00 H $17.00 J $27.00 13 to produce Which expression n hammers? can be used to find the total cost of A o B in C 3n D 14 Whion of these shapes Is a four-sided figure with only one pair of F trapezoid sides: G rectangle H square J mombus Bank Bank Neighborhoed Bank Bunk of States 11.0 10.0 o , interest Rate (%) 17 Which of these statements bost describes 15 Amy took out loan at Valluy Bank bank interest rates shown on the graph? What rate of interent was she charged? A The average interest rate at the tou A 9.4% banks is about 9%. B 9.5% B The difference between the highes c 9.25% and lowest rate is less than 1%. D 9.75% C All the bank interest rates are hig than 9.75%. D The average intorest rate at the 16 The Neighborhood Bank offers a lower rate banks is about 10% on commercial accounts than on personal accounts. the commercial rate is 1.25% lower than the personal rate. what is the rate for commercial accounts? F 8.0% 18 in which of these pairs of numbers y G 8.5% both numbers round to 6.23 ? F H 9.3% 6.232 and 6.236 J 9.75% G 6.231 and 6.233 H 6.229 and 6 239 J 6.222 and 6.238 The diagram mhows - mag of Balde Park and information about the park Then de Numbera 24 and 25, Balde Park Map 64 N ** w + E 12 5 " Tran 10 R2 Sam. Pichic 9 Area . 7 83 6 5 End Traile Start Trail KSY 4 Biro 3 Ranger 2 Station E , Start Trail 8 Nature mile o 1 2 9 Which of these are coordinates for 25 There are about 95 visitors to part of the Ranger Station? every day. Which of these (2.3) the best estimate of how many visit Balde Park in one year? People G (3,2) A 1,200 H (1.1) B 10,000 (4,3) c 36,000 D 360,000

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1. Correct answer is A (point)
2. Correct answer is the...

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