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Create a simple 0-dimensional energy balance model (that is, setup a program to calculate equilibrium temperature given the various energy related quantities) and use it to answer the following questions.
The data given below (at the end) provides all information needed for this assignment.
1) What is the surface temperature of Earth?
These next question pertain to Earth, and answers should be given in Watts/m2
2a) How much incoming solar radiation per square meter of the Earth is there?
2b) How much solar radiation goes back out to space?
2c) What is the total outoing Longwave radiation?
2d) What is the Net Outgoing radition (Solar+Longwave)?
2e) What is the net flux (Incoming Solar – Net Outgoing)?
2f) What would be the consequence (qualitatively) of the net flux being +5 W/m2?
3) What would the Earth’s temperature be if there were no greenhouse gases? What does that tell you about the magnitude of the surface temperature increase due to the greenhouse effect?
4) What is the surface temperature of Mars?
5) What is the surface temperature of Venus?
6) Suppose the earth was moved farther from the sun, so that in its new orbit it received only 75% of the present amount of incoming radiation. If the albedo and composition of the atmosphere remained as they are now, how much warmer or colder than present would the earth's surface be?
7) Suppose the earth was in its current orbit with its current albedo, but it had a thin atmosphere like Mars or a Thick atmosphere like Venus. How much warmer or colder than present would the earth's surface be in each case?
8) How much does Earth warm if the amount of CO2 is doubled? (greenhouse effect increases by 1-4%)
9) For each of the three parameters in the table below, calculate the change in mean global temperature of the earth for an increase of 5% of the initial value of that parameter with the other two parameters held at their initial values. List the three increases or decreases. For a 5% increase, which parameter produces the largest change in mean global temperature?

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