16. + -/4.76 points My Notes Evaluate the indefinite integral. ...

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16. + -/4.76 points My Notes Evaluate the indefinite integral. 3 1 x/15 dx +C 17. + -/4.76 points My Notes Evaluate the indefinite integral. / x (x + 3)-3/2 d.x + C Need Help? Watch It 18. -/4.76 points My Notes Evaluate the indefinite integral. x2 In (8 x) d.x +C Need Help? Watch It 19. -/4.76 points My Notes Evaluate the indefinite integral. Hint: First, make the substitution u = x; then, integrate by parts. / 6e - VI da +C Need Help? Watch It 20. + -/4.76 points My Notes In keeping with the projected increase in worldwide demand for steam coal, the boiler-firing fuel used for generating electricity, the management of Consolidated Mining has decided to step up its mining operations. Plans call for increasing the yearly production of steam coal according to the function below. The function is in million metric tons/year for the next 20 years. 5te-0.04t The current yearly production is 16 million metric tons. Find a function that describes Consolidated's total production of steam coal at the end of t years. How much coal will Consolidated have produced over the next 20 years if this plan is carried out? million metric tons 21. -/4.8 points My Notes Suppose an investment is expected to generate income at the rate of P(t) = 25,000 + 900t dollars/year for the next 3 years. Find the present value of the income from this investment if the prevailing interest rate is 2%/year compounded continuously. (Round your answer to the nearest dollar.) $

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