1. For each of the fallowing integrals state what method you would ...

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1. For each of the fallowing integrals state what method you would IISE (u-sub, IBP etc), explain why you would choose that method, and then complete the integral. a .15(5) x -20 Method: ? Reason: Integration: 5 dx = (5+10(x)3 Nncx) dx b. Jexcos(x) dx nxx da dx Method: n-kub Ports! Reason: Since (x) = dx and-dayis alreadly in Secoscx).EX] Sojusubwas wefful to do mis proced Integration: Secascion SINCX) c. faxxxx Method: Patial Fractions Reason: Integration: funday, = dx 2. Given the integral dx complete the following Explain why none our algebraid methods for taking Integrals will apply in this situation. Compute Show all work/c alculations and/or exolain your process for each X+29-2 x20-3 3. Sind the area of the region enclosed byx 6-2y2 and.+ + 2y as shown the graph below. Shewall steps b for -8 y =x3yyxxx 0, 4. Find the abouLthe vulume of x-axis. Sketch the solid the obtained by region, the solid, rotating and the cross region section (2.g boundcaby disk, washer, shell). , b A The data below shows the birtn rate per woman United States from 2005 2015 If there were approximately 125 milllon womenin the us, estimate how many babies were born in the 10-year span. Explain why you used the approximation method you,used. Year 2005 2006 2007 12008 2009 !2010 201 2012 2013 2014 12015 Birth 2.057 2.108 2.12 2.072 2.002 931 1.89945 8805 .8575 1.8625 1.8435 per women I - -10

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