Suppose that such that non -2ero y=2t, y=2-s, =4s+1. What i...

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Suppose that such that non -2ero y=2t, y=2-s, =4s+1. What is a common normal vector for the parallel planes P1, P2 where E lies on P1 P2? (0, (4,1). (2,2,4). (2,-1,4). P(-1,-1,2) Does lim x2y Yes. Suppose I(s,t). y(s,t) az| ds ls=0,f=l (0,1 (3. 9 24 -6 Let F(21,22,23,24) 3x3). Find the equation = 100 at the point (1, 17,1,0) 3x1 3r3 Dech 3x1 +I2 3r3 ,He 3(11 1)+(2)+3(23-1)+42x4 = 100 For what values of c does f(z,y) cr² my have local maximum the point HIS R. c) 0 The area the C whose equation in polar coordinates is given byr= /20 cos(0)i -1 21- MIA 1 Evaluate the integral by of variables. OR cos(16x² 25y²)dA where Ri the region the ellipse 16x² 25y² 1 Set up the triple integral 0052 xyz dV where Tis the solid tetrahedron with vertices (0,0,0). (0,0,1),(1,0,0) and(0,1,0) gltate xyz dzdydx 6's so xyz dzdydx so Evaluate $5e25d dy,where C'isthecurve = 237 from (0,1) to (2,e*) 3(e+ 1). s(e+ e). 3(e4 -1). 3(et -2). and let Co and Cs be circles unit Then whicho the following statements true? Oand F . dr € 0 and for for dr 0and field. Which following expressions meaningful? grad(curl curl(din Fi Find the equation the tangent planet the given parametric surface at the specified point x 2u²,y v2 uv; (2,1,1) -2x +2y+32z=0 x 2y-32z 15x 2y+32x -x 2y+4x=0 Let F(z. 2) be the gradient vector field of f(x let C be the curve the intersection the plane y x² if 1.orlented ounterclockwise evaluate dr. None of the above. Let Ebe: with boundary surface S with positive (outward) orientation The volume of

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