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You are given a frequency distribution table of the percent seed damage and number of trees: 0<10 is 19, 10<20 is 2, 20<30 is 5, 30<40 is 3, 40<50 is 6, 50<60 is 2, 60<70 is 2. Suppose that one of these trees is selected at random. Let A=event the tree has less than 40% seed damage, B=event the tree has at least 20% seed damage, C=event the tree has at least 30% but less than 60% seed damage, inclusive, and D=event the tree has at least 50% seed damage. Describe the following events in words and find the number of outcomes that comprise each of the following evetns: a) not B, b) C and D c) A or D, d) not C, e) A and D

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a) not B; is the event the tree has less than 20% seed damage/. 19+2=21 trees...

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