One page, double spaced, report that describes and sums-up all populations, the types of tests, why the specific types of tests were used; using all the information that were gathered.

The types of tests that were conducted, on what or whom, what types of information the tests provide (in general, pertinent to the population, describe in detail information contained in the histogram and results).

The questions that were asked for the (prior) Labs:
As a public health professional, you conducted a survey and collect economic and health data on households in townships known to have a high prevalence of heart disease/ The file contains data for 100 households including race, household income, family size, home price, # of bedrooms, and family history of heart disease.

Lab 2: test the hypotheses that the average household income in the townships is greater than 100,000. (test null and alternate ho/ha).
Construct a 95% CI for the proportion of households w/a family history of heart disease, separately for each race.
Would you say that the proportion of households w/a history of heart disease differ by race?

Lab 3: Formulate the null and alternate hypotheses you would use to test for this claim.
Conduct the test and appropriately accept or reject the null using ANOVA. Is there any statistically significant difference in the average household income based on race? Explain.

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We had obtained data for 100 households in townships known to have a high incidence of heart disease. For each household we had available the following information: race (Black, Hispanic, White), annual household income, home price, the number of bedrooms in the house, and whether or not the household had a history of heart disease....
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