Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment:

Read Nelson, J. A. P., Young, B. J., Young, E. J., & Cox, G. (2010). Using teacher-written praise notes to promote a positive environment in a middle school. Preventing School Failure, 54(2), 119-125.


In an essay of 250-270 wordsnanswer the following questions:

- What statistical test was used in Nelson et al. (2010)?
- Did the authors use the correct statistical test? In other words, what was their rationale for using this test (i.e., were the variables discrete or continuous and was the test appropriate for this type of data?)
- What was the research question? How did the statistical test address and answer the research question?
- How did the authors interpret the results of this study?

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The primary research question in the study by Nelson et al. (2010) was to determine if instructing teachers about praise and then reinforcing teachers’ use of praise notes to studentsinfluences student’s office disciplinary referrals (ODRs). The data collected...

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