Write about breast cancer research looking at disparities among African American women compared to other ethnicities.

These are our measured variables:
Age, race, menopausal status, education level, tumor markers, genetic mutation, family history, and BMI.

I am looking for possible confounders and how to control them either by design or by statistical analysis.

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Confounding variables occur when the experiment design doesn’t allow for the reasonable elimination of some explanation for the relationship between dependent variables and independent variables. In the case where we are analyzing the frequency of high risk breast cancer, over the measured variables: age, race, menopausal status, education level, tumor markers, genetic mutations, family history, and BMI, we are able to identify some confounders. For the sample pertaining specifically to African American women and their susceptibility to breast cancer, we are already “selecting” participants from a general population. The main independent variable being studied is race since we are making comparisons to other ethnicities....

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