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Write a report (APA format) describing some research study. This report will include the introduction, participants/sampling method, procedures, data analysis (using one of the statistical tests covered in this class), and results/conclusions. This should be your own research study that you design. This is not an evaluation of published research.

NOTE: You are NOT required to collect data or run the analysis. Based on your understanding of your research question, make-up numbers that would be appropriate for your study. These numbers should make sense in the context of your research, however.

Components of the Report:
Introduction: Description of the study including the purpose and importance of the research question being asked. What is your null hypothesis? What is your research or alternative hypothesis? Your introduction should include at least two resources. These resources MUST be from peer-reviewed journals. You must use other resources and correctly cite (such as our text) when describing statistical concepts.
Participants/Sampling Method: Describe the sample collected for the study, as well as the sampling method. How were your participants selected? Who is your population of interest? If you did a survey, how many will you survey to ensure your target sample size? How did you come up with that number?
What do you expect your response rate to be? What was your sample size? How representative is the sample of the population under study?
Procedures: How were the data collected? Was a survey or questionnaire used to collect data? What are the independent and dependent variables? How are the variables defined and measured? Are the variables nominal, ordinal,
interval, or ratio measurement scales? Are the data collected in a way that avoids bias? What is your selected alpha level?
Data Analysis: What statistical test was used to analyze the data? Describe the statistical test. What are the requirements? Did you meet those requirements? Describe why your selected method was appropriate to answer

your research question. Make up a test statistic value. Given that value, do you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Is your p < .05 or p > .05 (assuming alpha = .05)?
Results & Discussion: Did your analysis answer your research question? Explain. What are the practical implications of your results?
References: All references should be included in APA format.

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The purpose of research is to examine if there is significant similarity or connection between two variables: number of short-term loans and their amount. This study is important because it going to be determined whether these variables are independent or dependent. On that base, are set null and alternative hypothesis:
Null hypothesis H0: The two variables, number of short-term loans and amount of short-term loans are independent.
Alternative hypothesis H1: The two variables, number of short-term loans and amount of short-term loans are dependent.
It is used χ2 test as appropriate for this research, to accept or reject null hypothesis.
Participants/Sampling method
The sample used in this research is chosen randomly. The sample size is 200....

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