Fast Food Preference Case

Data collected over a number of years indicates consumer first choice for fast food restaurants in New York City. The proportions of those preferences are summarized in the table below. A survey of 100 consumers in the Chicago area was conducted to determine fast food restaurant preference in that region. Perform a Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test to determine the level of similarity in fast food consumer preference between New York City and Chicago. Describe the basis for the testing method. State the hypotheses, show the calculations, draw a conclusion and support your conclusion from the calculation results.

NYC & Chicago - Market Share & Survey
McDonalds 55% 61
Burger King 25% 24
Wendy's 20% 15

Plant Food Case

A garden center wishes to determine if there are in fact differences in the effect of three different brands of plant food on the growth of sunflowers and the rank of their effectiveness in promoting growth. To do so, they selected 15 sunflower seedlings at random from the greenhouse and fed 5 of the seedlings with Plant Food A, 5 with Plant Food B, and 5 with Plant Food C. The weekly growth of each seedling was measured in inches and is summarized below.

(Plant Food A, Plant Food B and Plant Food C)
3.8 5.4 1.3
1.2 2.0 0.7
4.1 4.8 2.2
5.5 4.6 1.1
2.3 3.7 1.4

a) Describe the purpose of the study
b) Conduct a Single Factor Analysis of Variance Hypothesis Test at alpha =.05
c) Explain the method used to set up and conduct the test
d) Describe the results
e) State a conclusion
f) Justify the conclusion

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