Provide an example of a business problem that you could use linear optimization to solve. In this example, provide context on what the problem is, why a linear program would be applicable for solving it, and how you would "set-up" the problem: state the objective function, the constraints, and specify what you hope to learn from this. You are not expected to actually solve the problem, but you are welcome to do so, if you have data available.

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In order to run the hotel management business such as owned by the current presidential candidate Donald Trump, they need an excellent cost effective operation because the nature of business cannot expand the revenue given a huge fixed cost. Once the hotel is built, it cannot drastically increase the revenue because the number of rooms is fixed. For example, Trump International Beach Resort Miami located in Miami, Florida features 360 guest rooms and this physical restriction limits the possible revenue the hotel can earn from the operation unless the enterprise builds other hotels to increase the rooms that can host guests. Therefore, the business that requires a large amount of physical fixed cost, it is imperative to focus on reducing the operation cost as much as possible while maintaining the quality so that the rooms are always fully reserved....

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