Three groups were examined to see which book was most effective in learning in this course. The three book groups were as follows:
Group 1 – used the required textbook and plenty of caffeine.

Group 2 – used the audio version of the textbook narrated by their favorite voice actor/actress Group 3 – used the required textbook
IV= BOOK Group

DV = Grade in ERMA 7310 Covariate = GREQ

1. Used DUMMY, EFFECT, or ORTHOGONAL coding to code the BOOK variable for regression analysis.
2. Compute/code the Interaction between Book and GRE. You will need this to examine the parallel slopes assumption.
3. Using regression, specify the order that variables enter the regression model to examine the effects of the covariate, BOOK, and the interaction.
Analysis and Interpretation

4. Can the assumption of parallel slopes be maintained? In other words, is there an interaction between the IV and the covariate? Report the appropriate results from your analysis to support your decision.

5. Report the appropriate results that pertain to the effects of the independent variable (Book) and the covariate (GREQ)

R2 or R2 Change F Sig.
Covariate (GREQ)
IV (Book)

6. What effects of the covariate (GREQ) and the IV (Book) can be concluded based on the results you reported in Q5?

7. Specify the regression equation used to predict/compute adjusted group mean for each BOOK group.

8. Use the above equation to predict each adjusted group mean.
Book Group 1
Book Group 2
Book Group 3

9. Use SPSS, The GLM-Univariate Procedure, to examine the overall ANCOVA design. More specifically, indicate which Book groups differ based on the results of the pairwise comparisons.

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