Question 1: Average price Examine through hypothesis test if the price on average is 2,000,000 DKK.
Question 2: Checking results in SPSS
Check your calculations by using SPSS.
Question 3: Square meter price
The property prices have through recent years been increasing and the average square meter price has previously been measured to be 29,400 DKK.
Examine through hypothesis test if the average square meter price has increased since the previous measurement.
Question 4: P-­‐value
Find the p-­‐value for the hypothesis test that you just performed.
Question 5: Discussion regarding one-­‐sided test. Discuss the circumstances required in order to rightfully perform a one-­‐sided test on one mean, and which consequence it can have to perform such a one-­‐sided test without grounds for it.
Question 6: Defective lights on Danish cars
The police performed a control in the month of December regarding how many car drivers were driving a car with defective lights.It was found that 49 out of 450 randomly selected cars had defective lights. Statistically, the police know that the proportion of cars with defective lights has been approximately 9%, and we are to examine through the collected sample, if this proportion has changed.
•Test if the proportion of cars with defective lights has changed.
•Construct a confidence interval for the proportion of cars with defective lights

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