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Please review the directions, andu the provided data complete each of Trequired tasks/questions Data: Matched pretest and posttest scores are provided: Data Table AGE PRETEST POSTTEST 24.7 20.1 22.9 29.5 24.8 22.5 10 12 12 24.3 23.2 30.9 o the input, organize, and conduct basic provided data concludes with a set of questions some represented within the generated spreadsheet file. Create file for initial format ideas) and enter the provided Save initials>: Donot use spaces in the file name case A3-AK separate worksheets withi the the worksheet page, right click Questions the tasks ensuring olearly label each Requires each respectively labeled "Tables" Use fthe required tables the "Charts' worksheet charts the "Descriptives worksheet for descriptive statistics provided questions the "Question worksheet. Please organize format the elements spreadsheet file such way that each of the required elements find identify The the student. but should :lear labeling, include the required elements. file 2 pts: Data by with each participant 2 pts: value IVE FREQU (ENCY) 2 pts: Class (includes both pretest and posttest data) make of the array function "FREQUENC o Establish ranges using for each bin So for example, may be set up as: <18, 18. -20,20.1 22. 22. -24,etc 1pt Column Chart(s) o Create char for the pretest and posttests scores. Either single chart clearly depicting pretest and posttest scores o creation separate pretest and one for the posttest scores is acceptable. preferred axis and the axis simply labels 1 pt Line Chart(s) o Create chart pretest and posttests scores. Either single chart clearly the pretest posttest the creation oftwo separate charts scores and one for the posttest scores cceptable A single the -axis simply labels each etc 2 pts: Histogram pretest and posttest data graphed separately) data from the "Class Interval Table. histogram s really column chart. with column data points within specific range Think back your "Class Interval Table, each interested graphing the number of data 2 pts: Bivariate and posttest scores scores along the y-axis. 8 pts: Two should be generated, they will be nearly other but created different ways: Set use functions) ar manual formatting Include the following descriptive statistics for both the pretest and posttest scores that generated through the use of formulas within the spreadsheet application Mean Sample Count Median Kurtosis Mode L(95.0%) Standan Skewness . Set Create "Set 2" of the descriptive statistics through the cuscof the MS Excel Add In "Tool Pac' (MAC users may not have this availability). . The "Tool Pac" will generate most. but not all. of the data points "Set For each identical statistic that generated the values should match between Set and Set 2 10 pts and answer on the "Questions" worksheet. which e 95% sure the fall when using the multiplier "2" you precisely calculate the 95% C.I you place that the pretest Question List skewness, sek values. What values tell you data? Please discuss helps kewness value, the sek helps you If you this please so Question Determine the correlation coefficient (Pearson Product Moment between pretest and posttest scores What does this tell vou? How would you describe the strength and from what you base your judgment? Question 5(2pts) Compare RE Randomized Experimental) designs RD (Regression designs, focusing on each of their approaches "internal validity. Within texti asserted the RD designs internal validity designs do with this stance? Why why not

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