1. GfK Roper Consulting gathers information on consumer preferences around the world to help companies monitor attitudes about health, food, and healthcare products. They asked people in many different culture how they felt about the following statement.
In a random sample of 800 respondents, 417 of 646 people who live in urban environment agreed either completely or somewhat with that statement, compared to 78 out of 154 people who live in rural areas. Based on this sample, is there evidence that the percentage of people agreeing with the statement about regional preferences differs between all urban and rural dwellers?
a. State the hypothesis
b. State the P-value
c. State the conclusion clearly
2. Having done poorly on the Math final exams in June, six students repeat the course in the summer school and take another exam in August. The students claim that they did better on the exam in the summer.
June      54 49 68 67 62 62
August 50 65 74 64 68 72
a. State the hypothesis
b. Find the P-value
c. State the conclusion
d. If we consider these students to be representative of all students who might attend this summer school in other years, do these results provide evidence that the program is worthwhile?
3. We want to test whether the use of statistics in New England Journal of Medicine has changed over time.
                         Publication                   Year
                         1978-79       1989       2004-2005      Total
No Stat                90                14            40                  144
Stat                      242             101          271                614
Total                     332             115          311                758
a. State the hypotheses
b. Find the expected value
c. Find the P-value
d. State the conclusion

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