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Topic 4: ANOVA Excel Worksheet Directions: Answer all questions 1. SYSTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE IN DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS The following table contains a random sample of 40 women partitioned into three groups: Group 1: ages below 20 Group 2: ages 20 through 40 Group 3: ages over 40 The values in the table are the systolic blood pressure levels The Hypothesis Test: H1:at least one of the treatment means is different Use the Excel Analysis ToolPak to create an Anova Single Factor table. Is there sufficient evidence to support the claim that women in the different age categories have different mean blood pressure levels? Give reasons for your decision. Statistical Conclusion: Experimental Conclusion: Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 [Place your Anova table here] 104 97 123 106 116 107 Anova: Single Factor 104 98 127 92 95 133 SUMMARY 112 108 114 Groups Count Sum Average Voriance 107 106 93 Group 1 102 113 Group 2 108 114 Group 3 94 116 100 155 101 105 ANOVA 119 Source of Variation SS df MS F P-value F crit 89 Between Groups 113 Within Groups 99 93 Total 107 125 104 110 124 181 118

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ANOVA: Systolic Blood Pressure
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