1) What’s the area of an equilateral triangle with side 5? (Please explain how you got your answer).

2) What’s the area of each of the triangles with the following sides:
a) 5, 12, 13
b) 4, 6, 8
c) 4, 6, 10
d) 4, 6, 11 (Explain the answers for parts c) and d)).

3) If a polygon has seven sides, what’s the sum of the all the angles?
4) If a regular polygon has eight sides, what is the measure of each angle?
5) If a polygon has six sides, how many diagonals does it have?
6) If I tell you that a polygon has 55 diagonals, can you tell me how many sides it has?
7) What would you call a polygon with twenty sides? Why?

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4) The sum of interior angles for the polygon with 8 sides is 180*(8-2)= 180*6=1080 degrees. Since we are told the polygon is regular => all interior angles have the same size equal with 1080/8=135 degrees. ...

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