I Sequents
Prove each of the following:
A) R -> F, -R -> E, (FvE) -> P, ⊢ P
B) F -> -G, F -> -H, GvH ⊢ -F

II Concrete Argument.
Symbolize and prove the following argument.
The robbers entered the house from either the FRONT or the REAR. Had they come in from the front, the line crew would have SPOTTED their car. But the linemen didn’t see any vehicles. On the other hand, their coming in through the back would have meant that they had arrived by BOAT. All of which shows that the robbers came by boat.

III Natural arguments.
Symbolize and evaluate each argument. (If you think a passage does not contain an argument, just write "No Argument").

A. „I’m getting married on December 31 in Dallas but I won’t get to Texas in time to have a blood test taken there. If I can’t get a blood test, I can’t get a license. No license – no wedding. I’m in a jam. What do I do?“
Symbolization key:
Symbolization of argument:
Evaluation of argument:

B. Dr. Clifford Alloway, vice-­‐chairman of the Faculty Senate, commented on the need for a collective bargaining agent at the University of Rochester:
„I’ve been in the Faculty Senate for several years. It’s a highly effective instrument of representation“, Alloway said.
„If we didn’t have such an instrument, we’d need collective bargaining. But the Senate does a good job.“

Symbolization key:      
Symbolization of argument:      
Evaluation of argument:

C. There is now conclusive evidence that Wendell murdered his wife. At least that is what the district attorney stated in a press conference last week. Furthermore, the state has announced that it will also charge Wendell's brother with being an accomplice. It remains an open question, however, whether there are sufficient grounds for this additional charge. We'll just have to see what develops.

Symbolization key:
Symbolization of argument:
Evaluation of argument:

D. TALLAHASSEE – An official of the Democratic State Committee said here today that he thinks Miami Beach has locked up the party’s national convention.
„...The state committee source in Tallahassee, who asked to remain unidentified, said ‚I think it’s locked up.“
„Everybody says it’s between Louisville and Miami Beach. If that’s true, then it’s no contest.
„Louisville made a decent bid but it just doesn’t have the hotel rooms.‘“

Symbolization key:
Symbolization of argument:
Evaluation of argument:

E. If it was the greatest bar mitzvah you ever attended and the filet mignon was delicious, well then, Mrs. Bess Myerson Grant says something isn’t kosher.
„The New York City consumer affairs commissioner said that many supposedly kosher catering firms are violating Jewish dietary laws by serving filet mignon at bar mitzvahs and weddings.
„Mrs. Grant pointed out that filet mignon is not a kosher cut of meat, which represents a fraud. If the caterers are substituting another kosher cut and calling it ‚filet mignon‘ it’s still fraud.
„Either they are substituting a different, probably cheaper, cut of mea tor they are violating their contractual obligation to prepare meals in accordance with Hebrew dietary requirements,“ she said.
„One way or another, they’re acting against the law,“ she concluded.

Symbolization key:               
Symbolization of argument:               
Evaluation of argument:

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