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BASIC LOGIC Writing Assignment
Here is a version of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ cosmological argument for the existence of God.
i) Please translate this argument into (PL), using the sentence letters: [C, A, F, I] and ii) give a proof that the argument is valid. You can use any method to demonstrate the validity – truth- assignment test or a proof.
Having shown the argument is valid, your task is to explain the conclusion and each of the premises and discuss whether or not the argument is sound. Of course, you should make it clear what ‘sound’ means in logic.
I recommend that you refer (without footnotes) to any points or arguments in the background reading on the cosmological proof where relevant. However, this is NOT a research project. I am looking for evidence that you understand the concepts of argument, validity and soundness as well as evidence that you are the kind of life form that thinks.
I will be paying attention to how you use the terms ‘sound’, ‘valid’, ‘true’ and ‘false’. Points will be lost for the misuse of any of those terms – for example, writing ‘the premise is sound’ will cost you.
I am looking for quality as opposed to quantity. Here is the argument:
Some things are caused to exist.
Anything caused to exist is caused by another [Nothing can bring itself into existence].
If some things are caused to exist and anything caused to exist is caused by another, then either there’s a uncaused first cause or there’s an infinite series of past causes.
There’s no infinite series of past causes.
There’s an uncaused first cause.
Please give your assessment of each premise of the argument. In particular, if you believe a premise is false or extremely doubtful, explain why.

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