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1. Do poets die young? Three categories of writers examined were novelists poets, and nonfiction writers. The ages at death for female writers in these categories are listed below. A. Examine the assumptions necessary for ANOVA. Summarize your findings. B. Run the ANOVA and report the results. Type Age Type Age Type Age Novels 57 Poems 88 Nonfiction 74 Novels 90 Poems 69 Nonfiction 86 Novels 67 Poems 78 Nonfiction 87 Novels 56 Poems 68 Nonfiction 68 Novels 90 Poems 72 Nonfiction 76 Novels 72 Poems 60 Nonfiction 73 Novels 56 Poems 50 Nonfiction 63 Novels 90 Poems 47 Nonfiction 78 Novels 80 Poems 74 Nonfiction 83 Novels 74 Poems 36 Nonfiction 86 Novels 73 Poems 87 Nonfiction 40 Novels 86 Poems 55 Nonfiction 75 Novels 53 Poems 68 Nonfiction 90 Novels 72 Poems 75 Nonfiction 47 Novels 86 Poems 78 Nonfiction 91 Novels 82 Poems 85 Nonfiction 94 Novels 74 Poems 69 Nonfiction 61 Novels 60 Poems 38 Nonfiction 83 Novels 79 Poems 58 Nonfiction 75 Novels 80 Poems 51 Nonfiction 89 Novels 79 Poems 72 Nonfiction 77 Novels 77 Poems 58 Nonfiction 86 Novels 64 Poems 84 Nonfiction 66 Novels 72 Poems 30 Nonfiction 97 Novels 88 Poems 79 Novels 75 Poems 90 Novels 79 Poems 66 Novels 74 Poems 45 Novels 85 Poems 70 Novels 71 Poems 48 Novels 78 Poems 31 Novels 57 Poems 43 Novels 54 Novels 50 Novels 59 Novels 72 Novels 60 Novels 77 Novels 50 Novels 49 Novels 73 Novels 39 Novels 73 Novels 61 Novels 90 Novels 77 Novels 57 Novels 72 Novels 82 Novels 54 Novels 62 Novels 74 Novels 65 Novels 83 Novels 86 Novels 73 Novels 79 Novels 63 Novels 72 Novels 85 Novels 91 Novels 77 Novels 66 Novels 75 Novels 90 Novels 35 Novels 86 2. Exercise and health bones Many studies have suggested that there is link between exercise and healthy bones. One study examined the effect of fjumping treatments control with no jumping, low- uump condition, and high jump condition After weeks of 10jumps per day, days per week the bone density of the subjects (expressed in mg/cm³ was measured group density group density group density Control 611 Lowjump 635 Highjump 650 Control 621 Lowjump 605 Highjump 622 Control 614 Lowjump 638 Highjump 626 Control 593 Lowjump 594 Highjump 626 Control 593 Lowjump 599 Highjump 631 Control 653 Lowjump 632 Highjump 622 Control 600 Lowjump 631 Highjump 643 Control 554 Lowjump 588 Highjump 674 Control 603 Lowjump 607 Highjump 643 Control 569 Lowjump 596 Highjump 650 A. Make table giving the sample size, mean and standard deviation for each group. B. Run the appropriate test. State the degrees of freedom and p-value. What do you conclude? 3. Real worl Id examples (2 pages, 12 in font Ariel or Times New Roman, single spaced, inch margins) A. Think of research question(i .questions above). B Find 2 quantitative, peer reviewed research art icles that address your choser question C. Identify and describe elements of the research process within both of the articles. These elements lude: 1) research problem and purpose, or hypotheses if any, 2) literature review, 3) design, 4) sampling strategies, 5) descriptive and/or inferential statistical analyses for themajor study concepts or variables 6) summary, conclusions and limitations to the study (Hint Be sure to write these out, avoiding the use of outline or exact words fromt he research ticle. Avoid the use of tables Donot take these elements from the abstract or the summary but rather select them from the study using your own words.) D. Explainthe statistical results in your own words. E. Provide summary of the research based interventions from both of your research studies related the answer to your iden cified problem- (your interpretation of the studies) F. Upload the articles used.

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1. 1) In order to run an ANOVA you need to have a certain number of independent samples. These samples must also be random. They do not need to have the same number of elements, but the ANOVA works better if they are close.

They population from which the random samples come should be normally distributed. Larger sample sizes that are nearly equal in size allow for some departure from the normal distribution requirement.

The ANOVA works best when all the samples have the same standard deviation. One rule of thumb is that the largest standard deviation should not be more than double the smallest standard deviation.

The result of this ANOVA is that the mean ages at death are different. The ANOVA test does not tell specifically which ages are different. A t-test between each pair of ages is needed for more conclusive results....

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