Write about one of the mathematicians (Newton, Leibniz, John Wallis, Newton’s teacher, Bernoulli...) and include sources in the bibliography.

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Sir Isaac Newton was born was on 25th December and was a remarkable physicist, mathematician, astronomer and natural philosopher also. He made important achievements in laws of motions, universal gravitation etc. Newton used mathematics as his main element for researching in astronomy and physics. He was always seen interested in theology and did vast research in different planets around the sun. Newton established the law of nature which became a remarkable discovery that time and was helped in discovering many non Euclidean geometrics on the basis of which many theorems established on which the mathematics is based on. One of the most important foundations of Newton was Calculus. Calculus is nothing but an extension version of Descartes analytic geometry. Calculus is nothing but a form of mathematics which has many elements like functions, integrity, derivations, limits etc. the basic theory of calculus is based on two branches i.e. differential branch and integral calculus. Calculus is the form of study of change, like geometry is form of shape and algebra is the form of operations and how to solve all the equations (Snobelen , 1720). Newton’s discovery of calculus is very useful in stream like commerce, science, and engineering....
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