Test the Expert documents an experiment of your design where a responsible human test subject, chosen by you, uses the senses (any of sight, smell, taste, and touch) to identify 20 samples of 2 similar food or beverage products. The samples are served in random order to remove any pattern that if discovered would advantage the test subject. The responses of the test subject are evaluated to test the hypothesis H0: the test subject identifies the 2 similar products randomly and is not an expert identifier of the products.

1. Choose a Randomization method and determine the order the samples will be served
o Record the names of the products in the order determined in the column "Name of Product Served"
2. Run the experiment
o The name of each sample as identified by the test subject is recorded in column "Name of Product as Identified by Test Subject"
o If the test subject identifies the sample correctly, enter Y in the right hand column. Otherwise, enter N.
3. Test hypothesis proportion correctly identified ≤ 0.50 (0.50 is the expected proportion resulting from random identification)
o The proportion of samples correctly identified is determined by dividing the number of Y's by 20.

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The objective of the experiment is to evaluate the ability of test subject to identify Sprite and 7UP. The test subject was informed in advance of the details of the experiment and agreed to participate willingly.

Design of Experiment
The products were served in random order, one at a time, to prevent any pattern that could advantage the test subject and distort the results. I used the random number generator from 20 random numbers (0 or 1) were generated. See the screen shot below. The numbers are 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 1....
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