14.2: During last year's budget crunch, several deserving employees of the Bureau of Procedures (BP) were denied promotions. This year, an unusual number of BP employees retired. The bureau chief suspects that the denial of promotions resulted in increased retirements. Of the 115 employees denied promotion, 32 retired. Of the 58 employees promoted, 9 retired. Present a contingency table and analyze this information.
14.4: Auditors for the Military Airlift Command (MAC) are checking the arrival times of the three charter airlines they used in the Pacific last year. Branflake Airways flew 135 flights and was late 78 times. Flying Armadillo Airlines flew 94 flights and was late 35 times. Air Idaho flew 115 flights, with 51 late arrivals. Set up a contingency table and analyze it for MAC.
14.10: A supervisor in the Department of Rehabilitative Services is critical of the performance of one of her counselors. The counselor is expected to arrange job training for those in need of vocational rehabilitation so that they may find employment. Yet the counselor has managed to place just 35% of his clients. The counselor argues that he is actually doing a good job and that the reason for his overall low rate of placement is that most of his clients are severely disabled, which makes them very difficult to place. The counselor's case load is presented in the accompanying table. Percentage the table appropriately and evaluate who is correct- the superviso or the counselor.
                                                Not Severely          Severely
Job Placement                           Disabled             Disabled
Not placed                                        17                      118
Placed                                              47                        26
14.13: Madonna Lewis is the head of public relations for the Department of Sanitary Engineering. Ms. Lewis is trying to determine whether new refuse collection procedures have improved the public's perception of the Department of Sanitary Engineering, She commissioned public opinion surveys before and after new customer service procedures were implemented in the Department. The results appear in the accompanying table. Analyze the table for Ms. Lewis and evaluate whether public perception of the department has improved over time.
Opinion                                        Before                   After
Department is doing a poor job       182                      148
Department is doing a good job       55                        94

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